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Smart & Logical Gifts That Pay You Income
You can make a gift to Holy Cross that returns income to you.
The IRS allows and encourages these creative plans that can stretch your giving ability. Alumni who support the College through charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder unitrusts have found them to be smart and logical. These gifts help you make a substantial gift to Holy Cross while providing you an income for the rest of your life.
Three potential benefits you can receive
1. When you can fund the gift with highly appreciated assets such as stock or real estate, you reduce and defer capital gains.
2. You will receive a charitable deduction if you itemize.
3. You will generate income for you and your loved ones.
A gift annuity pays you a guaranteed, fixed income, while a trust pays you a percentage based on market performance. Choose the income that’s right for you!
 A Family Legacy
Terry Donahue ’63
Terry Donahue ’63 met and married his wife, Mary, at Holy Cross. Two of his seven sons attended the College, and three grandchildren followed in his footsteps as well.
Holy Cross has become a Donahue family legacy—and Terry is memorializing that by establishing a scholarship. The Donahue Family Scholarship benefits students who have lost financial support while enrolled at Holy Cross, allowing them to finish their education.

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