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Philanthropic & Practical
You have the assets, we have the tools.
The IRS gives donors who contribute appreciated property, such as securities and real estate, two tax breaks: a charitable deduction and the reduction or avoidance of capital gains tax upon the transfer to Holy Cross. Similar benefits also apply to gifts of personal property, art, and other items that help the College advance its mission.
By “buying low and giving high,” you make a significantly more generous gift than your original investment. And you receive a tax benefit on your investment and the growth.
A number of Holy Cross supporters have funded gift annuities or trusts that generate retirement income for themselves or loved ones with securities or real estate. In many cases, they were able to give more than they could with cash, and avoid immediate capital gains tax.
 No Regrets.
Don Sullivan ’58
Don got a bonus.
He got stock options. He got a CRT.
And he’s got no regrets!
In thinking about making his gift to Holy Cross, Don found the tax incentives and market-based income of a charitable remainder trust

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