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 Is Holy Cross in your plans?
If you have already taken advantage of one of these easy ways to give or have included Holy Cross in your will, trust, or other estate plans, please let us know. We can help you determine a purpose for your ultimate gift. We will also invite you to join the 1843 Legacy Society.
Your gift can remain anonymous if you like. Providing this information creates no legal obligation on you, your estate, or your heirs. Of course we know that plans change, but it can be extremely helpful for the College to know about your current intentions.
  How may we help you?
We realize you may still have questions about the various options outlined in this brochure. Please call or email us to discuss further.
We encourage you to inform us of your intentions so that we can ensure that your gift will
be used exactly as you intend. When you
inform us of your planned gift, you will be
invited to join the 1843 Legacy Society.

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